Can Google For Jobs Get You Hired?


Gone are the days when job seekers circled job listings in local newspapers. Applicants brought freshly printed resumes right to the door of the hiring manager. Connections and conversation took place with a smile and a firm handshake. The pathway to a job looks far different today. Getting hired now takes place over a digital highway. Instead of scanning newspaper ads, job seekers often end up navigating large network job boards and recruiting sites. Landing a job can feel like a never-ending maze of emails, uploads, and interviews for both employers and job seekers alike.

How can you leverage Google for Jobs in your career transition?

In recent months Google unveiled two new tools that simplify job acquisition for both for hunters and those looking to hire. Google for Jobs brings curated job opportunities right to the desktop or device of the searcher. Moreover, for recruiters, Google Hire streamlines communication process for companies to interface with quality talent. Take note of how you can leverage Google’s foray into recruitment in your job search strategy.

If you are hunting for a new position, a simple Google search will pull job postings from across the web. Just type “jobs” or “internship” in the Google search bar and a blue box labeled “jobs” will come up. You can combine this keyword with others such as “teaching jobs” “IT jobs in Atlanta,” “jobs near me” or similar job searches and immediately get listings from company sites and job boards like LinkedIn, Monster, CareerBuilder, and Glassdoor.

Instead of having to jump between dozens of sites, relevant positions are served up right from Google’s search analytics. Advanced features enable searches by job title, city, industry or employer to further identify top picks. You can also set up email alerts, so you are notified of new positions in your areas of interest. Google for Jobs conveniently connects job hunters with an array of opportunities through one search portal.

For more detailed instructions on how to use Google for Jobs, read this article.

How does Google Hire impact your need for a strong online brand?

Finding jobs just got easier, but what about getting hired? How many emails, memos, and interviews does it usually take? According to a study by Bersin by Deloitte, interviewing and assessing each candidate takes an average of 52 days and can cost a company up to $4000. These costs add up.

Enter Google Hire. This applicant tracking system (ATS) provides a streamlined way for small to mid-size companies to connect with quality candidates. HR managers can seamlessly search for candidates, interact over email and messages, record essential information, schedule interviews, and track progress all from the familiar interface of G suite. Storing data in this talent management system creates customized pipelines of top talent that recruiters can continue to access.

What’s important about the arrival of Google Hire for you? It means that more mid-sized companies will be using ATS technology to identify top candidates. A keyword rich resume and LinkedIn profile are what makes your brand stand out in this competitive environment. Communicating a strong personal brand demonstrates your value and connects with the deliverables that employers are looking for in the talent they want to recruit. Use your resumeLinkedIn profile, and social media to promote the value you bring consistently.

Want some help with your job search or online branding?

Regardless of what technology you use, a successful job search involves connecting with people. Networking, both online and offline, is what advances your career success. That could be interacting with professionals in your field, learning about trends in the industry, or interviewing key influencers.

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