Danielle E., PhD, Program Manager @ Cornell University

"Working with James was an amazing experience. He helped me identify some of the patterns in my life that were keeping me from not only identifying, but reaching my goals. Even after a brief time of working with James I was able to see a number of positive changes, which has led to amazing opportunities. If you are looking for guidance to develop the tools for reaching your goals, or your dream job, James is the best person to help you do that. I can't recommend him enough."

Whitney A., MBA, Special Project Manager @ City of San Antonio

"James is a fabulous Coach! He gets to know his clients and sincerely cares about their success. He has an uncanny ability to recognize strengths and honestly weaknesses. He helps you learn to showcase talents and improve your own abilities. Definitely makes you think and really helps you move onward!"

JOE G., Director of Sales & Marketing @ Bioworks, INC

"In working with James, he helped me understand, the value of being positive and its impact on my creativity and influence on others. I highly recommend James for his work and POVs, to assist in growing personally and professionally."

JareD A., PMP, Program Manager @ USAA

"James is a world-class career and life coach. He takes the time to listen and understand your situation, he brings definition and clarity, and empowers you take the next step with confidence. James in an expert in networking, social media, resume writing, interview preparation, and career planning. If you are considering a job or career transition give Jamesa call - he will help you build a plan, hold you accountable, and encourage you every step of the way!" 


"Working with James has been life-changing. The success of coaching is measured by the actual life change that results. Because of coaching with James, I started to take steps in my career that I had talked about for years. Within 13 months, I had started and finished three coaching certifications, changed jobs, and launched a business. Just as significantly, James worked with me to find the balance and emotional peace I needed to achieve those goals. James has proven the value of coaching in my life and because of my fantastic experience, I intend to always have a life coach in the future.

NATE D., Marketer @ Google

“It’s rare that you come across a coach as skillful or genuinely interested as James. I had the pleasure of working with James on career and life coaching over the period of a few months in the middle of 2015. Almost every time we talked, I uncovered something about myself that I had never quite put into words before, and his funny little stories from his own life always left me with a smile on my face. James has earned my highest recommendation to anyone looking for career or life coaching.”

Caitlin A, Internal Communications Manager @ Autodesk

"I truly believe that everyone needs someone like James in their life. 

James helped me identify core strengths, deep-seeded values, and dust off some dreams that had been lying dormant. It's easy to use instinct to chase your dreams but it's far more powerful to have intelligence and a plan. I have seen an incredible change in my attitude and performance since working with James. I've recommended him to peers and would recommend him again!"


"As a Life Coach I've known the value of having a coach. However, working with James has been transformational experience for me. His capabilities for listening, and his capacity for honing in on what his clients are experiencing are the most incredible tools that empower you to growth, clarity, and progress. I love every minute I spend working with James!"

Mark K., Software Developmer @ Rolemodel Software

"Working with James has been quite a delight. During a time in my life when I was frustrated with work situation, James helped reveal why I was struggling and how I could make changes to improve my situation. Applying the insights he provided has greatly enhanced not only my work situation, but also my life in general. If you get the opportunity to work with James, you won't be disappointed."

Edward M., MCC, FOunder @ Emmaus Adventure Coaching

“I have had the privilege in my career of knowing numerous exemplary life coaches. Out of all of them, James has taught me more about the very essence of Life Coaching than anyone else. His skill set is strikingly diverse and well-developed – he is the model coach, leader, and consultant.”

Gayla A., MBA, Scrum Master @ USAA

"How would I describe my experience with Clear Career Consulting? ‘Just the right help at just the right time’ is the phrase that comes to mind.

In late 2015, I found myself needing to make a major career pivot, but I had no idea how to get myself where I wanted to go. Through Clear Career Consulting, James provided the coaching, tools, and accountability that I needed to define a clear path toward a more rewarding career.

Within a short time, I earned just the right certifications, built the right network, refined my personal branding and interview skills, and internally developed a completely new mentality toward my career…all of which culminated in landing my dream job!

I can’t speak highly enough of my coaching experience with James, and I'm so grateful for the transformational change that has resulted in my life thanks to Clear Career Consulting."