Career advancement

Do you want to get promoted? Do you want to garner the attention of your preferred employer? To move in the direction of your dreams takes clear, compelling goals coupled with motivation and inspiration. It's time to achieve the career you're destined for; where you’re operating from a place of power and confidence that stomps out that trapped feeling for good.

brain based success

Are you missing that spark in life that you used to have? Do you feel like you’ve been overtaken by someone who is not the most authentic you? Do you find yourself being critical, negative, and feeling mentally exhausted at the end of each day? Our brain-based methodologies grounded in neuroscience and positive psychology may help you rekindle your passion for life.

career transition

Do you feel boxed in by your experience and job title? Are you trying to figure out how someone with your deep industry knowledge and expertise can quickly move to an entirely different field? Our process can help you tell your career story in a way that makes your transition look strategic and not haphazard to your network, making you a compelling hire differentiated from your competition.


"I originally contacted James because I felt like something was missing with my career. I was trying to figure out how to become more of everything, professionally and personally. My search for a career coach led me to James. He has such a conversational, easy way about him and I really felt like I had known him for years. He asks questions you don't think to ask of yourself, provides you with perspective (in a non-pushy, non-clinical way), helps you find & understand your strengths and is genuinely supportive. Overall, he's at the top of his game and he's a pro. He loves what he does and it absolutely shines through. I've applied what I've learned from him and from the books he sent to me, in my professional and personal life and I'm better for it. If you are considering a coach, James can certainly help you!" ~ Vickie P.

“James authentically cares for people. His deep listening and thoughtful questions have brought clarity and focus to my work. Supported by his empathy and vision, leaders are equipped to strategically pursue desired outcomes with confidence.

I was privileged to collaborate with James on the design and implementation of a coaching system used by thousands to achieve significant academic, career, and life goals. In every interaction, James exceeded my expectations and delivered beyond what he committed.

Most importantly, he lives and exhibits the competencies of an experienced and principled leader. If you need more confidence or courage pursuing your future, look no further!” ~ Brad V.

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