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  • Did you know that there are 5.1 million job openings in the U.S. each month?  
  • Did you know that about 80% of these jobs are never advertised? That’s over 4 million jobs!
  • Did you know that the average number of people applying for an advertised job is 120 and only 20% of those people get to the first interview?
  • Imagine if you had a fool-proof way to navigate all of those job openings with clarity and ease
  • Imagine if you could tap into the hidden job market: accessing those 4 million jobs that are never advertised
  • Imagine if you could bypass the line of people waiting for an interview and get the job you want and deserve

You actually don’t have to imagine it.

That’s what we do here at Clear Career.


With our time-tested 3 stage process, we partner with you to identify your career target and personal brand; to support the development of your professional job search strategy and tools; and to provide ongoing career support during your first 90 days at your new job.

Here’s an overview of our process:


  • Easily find employers who are looking for people like you by getting clear on your unique skills and professional values.
  • Understand what makes you tick so that you understand the kind of job where you’ll fit best, make the biggest difference, and be recognized for it.
  • Close the gap between how you’re perceived and how you want to be perceived so that your work flows freely out of the authentic and uniquely branded you!
  • Get the laser-like focus you deserve in your career by identifying the all important who’s, why’s and what’s and turn it into marketing pieces that draw employers to you.


  • Improve the odds of landing your dream job by collaborating with your consultant to align your LinkedIn profile, Resume, and Cover Letter with the job positions you want.
  • Increase your confidence and courage as you actively pursue job positions and learn how to network like a pro.
  • Keep your cool in your interview by developing talking points that level the playing field with your potential employer – you won’t even break a sweat!
  • You’ll never be afraid to talk about money again with our salary negotiation package!


  • The majority of your success in your new role means securing early wins and being successful your first 90 days on the job – we work with you to create a strategy and action plan to achieve this!
  • Need a boost? Or have a challenge? We collaborate with you to help you over those minor speed bumps we all experience in our career, fast-tracking you to superhero status!

This proven process will bring a fresh and detailed awareness to further develop your personal brand, optimizing your job search success in a competitive marketplace.

Whether you need help with your first job, you’re ready to change jobs, or your team is dragging you down, contact us to get the strategies and tools you need to move forward!