Crossing Your Own Career Chasm


It is the all-consuming question that every human has asked, in one form or another - “What is it that I truly want?” or “Where do I want my career to end up?” Not only have I heard this hundreds of times, but I have asked myself it many times in many different seasons of life. There is this nudge inside everyone pushing them in a certain direction. Whether that is towards the arts, entrepreneurial endeavors, building a family, travel, or running after a career, whatever your heart is pulled towards matters. Another common thing I hear is people doubting their desires in life. There is an overwhelming belief that desires, or passions, should be stuffed down and ignored in order to succeed. This is a lie. Many believe that what they really love should be a side hobby, only invested in from time to time, and that they must work in fields they dislike in order to make money and feel successful.

So, today I want to talk about your positive mind. How positive are you that you know what you want, and that you will get it? Are you aware of how you feel on a subconscious level about your life as a whole? Do you look at your life with the belief that you deserve what you desire - or do you believe it will be a disappointment? And even if you lean toward positivity and assurance of knowing what you want, you may still be asking, “How do I get there?”

Think back to infamous scene in Indiana Jones The Last Crusade. He’s standing at the edge of a cliff, his map has brought him there. Looking out to where he needs to be, and the deep chasm between the spaces, he begins to doubt. Had he gone the wrong way? How was he supposed to surpass the chasm between where he is and where he needs to be? But he knew that he knew that he knew where he was supposed to be. So his faith helped him make the impossible choice, to take a step into the empty airspace over the chasm. Surely, he would fall to his death...wouldn't he? But as soon as he stepped out, a rock appeared. And then another, and then another. Together, the rocks made a bridge for Indiana Jones to get where he needed to be. Where he knew he was supposed to be.

Are you so certain that you were made to be somewhere specific that you would take that kind of risk? Here are a few key questions you can ask yourself on this journey:

  1. What do I really want?
  2. Do I believe I can attain that?
  3. How open am I to receive what I want?

You truly come to recognize what you desire out of life by growing your positive mind. None of us would achieve goals if we constantly had thoughts like, “I could never do that.” or “I’m not smart enough to get there.” or “No one will support me.” And yet, we often have subconscious thoughts very similar to this.

As Dr. William Larkin says, “There is no sense in finding a new job or a new relationship if you take the same discontent with self and the same unrealistic baggage to the next destination. Sometimes you just have to do that to learn, but most of the time, it’s really not necessary and an enormous waste of time and resources.”

If you’re still unsure of yourself, take a look at this.

Recognizing your desires and playing to your strengths will offer you a lifetime of fulfillment and aliveness. Combining your true desires with belief and openness can lead you there.

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