Have You Ever Put Anything In "The Complicator?"


Please laugh along with me... In my quest to be "perfect" this week I put a few work items unnecessarily in what my good friend and former colleague James Glenn calls "The Complicator."

I took something relatively simple, overthought it, yes even stewed about it perhaps, and from a place of fear and threat designed a set of action steps that was nearly 7X longer than my original list.

Why? Because I wanted to "control" as many variables as I could.

So yesterday, on my day off, as I'm cleaning the house, doing laundry, feeding my two-year old, vacuuming, and running errands, all of the realness of the truest story hits me in a moment and I begin to smile, chuckle, and laugh.

And then I was reminded of my good friend Ferris Bueller's friend Cameron Frye, who was, as Ferris claimed, so tight he could turn charcoal into a diamond.

And perhaps in a different way, my tightness this week, is beginning to be chiseled away to reveal something more wonderful - at a new and deeper level for me. Hardly a diamond, but maybe the start of one.

"A knowing what I want, a belief I can achieve it, and a greater openness to how it comes to me."

From a place of greater control that line might read, "a knowing what I want, a belief I can achieve it, and a dogmatic death grip on a strategy to get it."

With the tightening of the grip comes the almost guaranteed slip. With the loosening of the grip comes a more enjoyable trip.

So as Elsa sings, "Let it go." For in the letting go comes the enjoyment that I so massively crave.

And maybe it's what you crave too.