Delightful Detours



A few years ago I was asked to resign from a job I was pretty darn good at. At first I was tempted to believe that my career was over. Yes, I know that sounds a bit dramatic, and it is, and it's how I felt. Yes, even guys have feelings.

Now I see the whole thing as a delightful detour designed to rework me into an even better version of me. To learn lessons I couldn't have learned without a bit of hardship. To sand off some hard edges in much need of some smoothing.


So this message is for you my friend, if you're facing a personal or professional twist in the New Year that seems unbelievable or inconceivable, take a deep breath, focus on gratitude, look at the possibilities this opportunity opens up, and move in the direction of your passion.

Some days it may be hard to get up, smile, and keep doing what you believe you're called to do. The job search or entrepreneurial process can sometimes feel a bit unkind. Keep your focus on what you want, believe it can be achieved, and then be amazed and grateful as it comes to you. It may come in a moment or gradually over time.

And what comes may be different than you expect. For me what continues to come is a greater appreciation for the twist and greater amount of joy knowing that destiny is calling my name and what I at one time thought was the pinnacle of meaning for me begins to lovingly shift into a fond story of professional development.


My advice? Don't kick, scream, or fight it too hard. Go with the tide and let it guide you. Even when getting pulled out to sea seems scary. There are other harbors you are called to. Nothing is missing. Nothing is broken.

Trust the process. The best is yet to come for you!