3 LinkedIn Strategies for Job Seekers


Do you feel stuck in your current job? Is there no room for advancement at your current company? Are you ready to make a job change and not sure how? Here are three strategies you can use as a job seeker using LinkedIn to get you the results you want:

#1 The Compelling Profile Owner

While it may seem like it goes without saying, having a LinkedIn profile that boosts your credibility and creates intrigue is one of the sure-fire ways to get yourself hired in no-time-flat.

Here are 12 things you can do to make your profile more compelling:

  • Use a professional headshot.
  • Create a branded headline.
  • Craft a compelling summary.
  • Earn yourself endorsements and recommendations.
  • Keep your profile updated - once a quarter is plenty.
  • Update your status at least once a week.
  • Add professional certifications you’ve earned.
  • Add PowerPoints or Slideshare presentations you’ve created.
  • Don’t put “Looking for opportunities” in your headline - this will scare employers away from you. Consider putting this information at the bottom of your summary instead.
  • Consider using keywords for the positions that you’re looking at in your summary section as well. Use the headline of “skills” to list these!
  • Make your profile easy to read and personal. This is not a formal document like your resume. Research shows that writing a story and using first-person is the way to go on LinkedIn.
  • Get feedback on your LinkedIn profile from trusted colleagues, friends, or family.

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#2 The Subject Matter Expert

Are you a researcher-type? Do your colleagues consider you to be a subject matter expert? Do you like learning, teaching, or mentoring others? Using the subject matter expert strategy could be your shortcut to your next or bigger paycheck.

Here are 7 ways you build your credibility as an expert:

  • Publish well-written articles on LinkedIn on a regular basis.
  • Research what type of articles will resonate by using Google.
  • Ensure that your posts solve a problem.
  • Link to other articles written by experts - you’ll be found guilty of being an expert by association.
  • Share your article on other social media websites.
  • Place a link to your article in your email signature.
  • Include short videos of you presenting one of the topics you specialize in.

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#3 The Savvy LinkedIn Networker

Today’s job-seeker must understand that the Trust Economy demands not only that one be knowledgeable, capable, and confident in a particular discipline or skill, but the job-seeker must connect well with others and send trust signals:

Here are 11 ways you can network like a pro using LinkedIn:

  • Choose your target industry (IT, Finance, Healthcare, Education, etc.).
  • Identify ideal companies/employers.
  • Follow the company's LinkedIn page.
  • Like and comment on articles published by the company.
  • Share articles the company publishes that you find especially valuable.
  • Add value to the company by providing urls to other related and relevant topics.
  • Reach out to people at the organization who you already know.
  • Ask those people to introduce you to people you don’t already know.
  • Send InMails to new contacts.
  • Learn about your hiring manager.
  • Connect with local and national recruiters.

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